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    go for the best!

    Whether it's counselling, coaching or business building,

    psychological services are only as good as the expertise of their practitioners,

    the extent of their knowledge and their ability to draw

    from a full range of effective interventions.


    All our services utilise a fully comprehensive store of knowledge and skills,

    drawn from across all relevant disciplines including psychology.


    With over forty years experience in transforming the lives of individuals and groups

    we are delighted to be taking our services to the next level.


    Why not talk to us and see how we might help you or your business reach new heights.

    Our number is +44 (0)78 6414 9995

  • What We Do

    At Optimised Life we apply proven and powerful principles from psychology and other relevant disciplines to positively transform personal and group experience.

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    Personal Development

    Life Coaching

    Career Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Leadership Coaching

    Psychometric Testing

    One-to-one Counselling

    Individual Psychotherapy

    Vocational Counselling

    Crisis & Trauma Counselling

    EMDR Therapy

    Couples Counselling

    Family Therapy

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    Group & Organisational Development

    Member Development

    Culture Development

    Leadership Team Development

    Achieving Rhetoric/Reality sync

    Career Coaching

    Director & Executive Coaching

    Team Development

    Organisational Development

    Employee Counselling

    Email: admin@optimisedlife.org


    Call: +44 (0)78 6414 9995

  • Stats at a glance

    We let the results speak for themselves.


    Individual client hours


    Completed training programmes


    Personal development products


    New professionally validated psychometric measures


    New conceptualisation of psychology

  • Personal & Business solutions

    business solutions

    We work with all types of organisations, helping them

    become and remain outstanding in what they do.


    Whether you are in the private or public sector, a company

    or a charity, we offer a wide range of business growth

    and development tools to help you achieve and surpass

    your goals.

    personal solutions

    We provide a full range of psychological services

    for individuals, couples and families.


    Unlock and enjoy exciting new areas of experience and

    well being with our personal development programmes.


    Move your life and career forwards with coaching focused

    on all aspects of personal achievement and growth.


    Resolve problems and issues of every kind with

    professional counselling and psychotherapy.

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