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    Leadership Team Development

    for breaking new barriers together

    Maintain, expand and extend the effectiveness of your senior management team with our board development plan. A cutting edge top team is indispensable to the greatest success of any organisation. Using a full tool-kit of proven psychological methods we will work with you, individually and as a group, to make you the winning team you want to be.

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    Achieving & Maintaining Rhetoric/Reality Sync

    for applying the power of congruence

    Whether it's in the area of marketing, production, mission, or simply the way we relate to each other at work, the gap between the intended and actual can cost us quality, customers and market share. Our business congruence plan will help you close that gap and raise your company profile.

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    Culture Development

    for building an exceptional place to work

    Business leaders know that profitability is a function of how we do things, i.e. culture! Do things badly and you'll go under; do things competently and you'll likely go on; do things exceptionally and you'll lead the market. All cultures can be improved and gain value. We will work with you to help transform your culture, whatever its current state, but only if the exceptional is your aim.

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    Director & Executive Coaching

    for highly effective situational leadership

    Bringing out the best in individual directors and senior leaders is the aim of this strategic programme which facilitates personal and professional development as well as contributing to the increased effectiveness of the board. The programme has been developed to address the unique challenges experienced by senior managers as they face the pressures and opportunities of high level leadership.

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    Member Development

    for greater satisfaction and achievement at work

    Our lifelong development plan has been created to enable workers in every field of industry to make the most of their life and their work. By facilitating the development of key psychosocial skills the plan is designed to increase occupational health and performance whilst reducing workplace dissatisfaction, absenteeism and work-related stress.

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    Career Coaching

    for taking careers to their highest level

    The aim of our career coaching plan is to enable people to optimise well being, performance and achievement. It includes a comprehensive career review, assessment of occupational personality, creation of a career development strategy and regular on-going guidance and support in the successful attainment of personal and career goals.

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    Team Development

    for building high performance teams

    How effective are your teams? So much more can be accomplished when people work together, but developing team capability requires both skill and goodwill. Working with personality, team roles and conflict styles, our team development plan enables teams to work together better, growing through the five stages of team development to become high performing teams.

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    Organisational Development

    for being the best at what you do

    Organisational development is about working with every aspect of business to increase impact and effectiveness. A planned approach in which group purpose, principles, people and processes are aligned, OD builds outstanding organisations that consistently deliver exceptional quality. However good your business building skills, we'll use the latest OD technology to make you even more effective in making changes that deliver greater competitive advantage and higher performance.


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